Embroidery Floss

Embroidery floss spring colors

Let's get stitching!

Embroidery floss comes in tons of colors and is just the thing to add great details to felt projects and other craft projects.

When you look closely at embroidery floss, you’ll notice that there are six tiny strands that make up the thread.  You can sew with the full amount of thread, or you can separate the strands to get a thinner piece of thread.

If you want to separate the thread, start by cutting the amount of thread you would like to use on your project.  Take the number of strands you’d like to use.  Choose strands that are closest to each other and carefully pull the amount you want apart from the rest of the thread.  

If the thread gets caught or tangled, pull the tail end in a downward motion while separating the strands. 

Splitting embroidery thread

Embroidery floss is just the thing to add details to all of your felt patterns.  You can make all sorts of cute décor and playthings.  Create your own patterns or check some out here!