Felt Mouse Pattern

fun felt mouse doll easy instructions

Let's get stitching!

To make this little, felt mouse doll you will need the following:





Mouse doll pattern


Embroidery floss 


cute easy mouse doll

Step One:

Download, print, and cut out two of the mouse doll patterns.

how to make a little stuffed mouse
cutting out free printable mouse pattern

Step Two:

Following the tissue-paper embroidery method, trace the mouse face onto a small piece of tissue paper, line it up with the top of the felt mouse head, and pin the tissue paper to the felt.

embroidery pattern transfer to felt

Step Three:

Embroider over the tissue paper where the mouse face is drawn.  If you need an embroidery refresher, take a look at the back stitch for the face and satin stitch for the eyes.

When the face is fully embroidered, carefully remove the tissue paper.  

For more details, check out the tissue-paper embroidery method.

sewing on felt plush
tissue paper embroidery transfer

Step Four:

Line up the two felt mice cut-outs right on top of each other.  Pin in place.  Tie a knot at the end of a piece of coordinating thread (I like to use only two strands of embroidery floss).  Thread the needle with the other end of the thread and begin a whip stitch around the outside edge of your mouse.

Hint: I make sure to start my sewing so that the knot in the thread is on the inside of the two felt mice. 

sewing together felt mouse stuffed animal
whip stitch edge of felt mouse

Step Five:

Sew around your mouse.  You decide if you want the ears stuffed or not.  I decided not to stuff the ears on this mouse, so I did a running stitch at the base of each ear to block the stuffing from getting into the ears.  

As you sew, leave an opening on the side or bottom of your mouse to insert the stuffing.

sewing two felt pieces together
how to sew opening of stuffed animal felt

Step Six:

Fill your mouse with stuffing, using your fingers to make sure to really get the stuffing in there.  Then whip stitch the opening up and secure your stitch with a knot or a tiny double or triple stitch, one on top of the other.

how to stuff a felt mouse plushy
sewing up stuffed animal opening
finishing felt mouse stuffy hand sewing

Hooray!  You did it!  That was fun.  

Let’s make something else together sometime. . . ooh, and invite your friends!


two mice stuffed animals diy

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