French Knot

finished French knot

Let's get stitching!

The French knot is a fun little trick in embroidery to get tiny knots onto your work.  I’ve used the French knot for eyes, fur, and even tiny flowers. 

Step one:

Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end of the long tail of the thread.

Step Two:

Poke your needle through the back side of the fabric and gently pull the thread through until it is stopped by the knot at the end of the long tail of your thread.  

how to start a French knot in sewing

Step Three:

Starting with the thread on the left side of the needle, wrap the thread around the needle twice.

wrap thread around needle embroidery

Step Four:

Poke your needle into the fabric slightly to the left of where the thread originally came up through the fabric.

French knot instructions

Step Five:

As the needle goes through to the back side of the fabric, gently hold the knot (the thread that you wrapped around the needle) in place, against the fabric and carefully pull the thread all the way through.

This will secure the little knot right on top of the fabric. 

finished French knot

The French knot is a fun little detail to add to your embroideries and crafts. Create your own patterns or check some out here!