Lazy Daisy

finishing petal sewing tutorial

Let's get stitching!

The lazy daisy is a fun way to add little flowers to your embroidery work and felt crafts!

Step one:

Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end of the long tail of the thread.

Step Two:

Poke your needle through the back side of the fabric and gently pull the thread through until it is stopped by the knot at the end of the long tail of your thread.  


Step Three:

Poke the needle, angling it in the direction you want your petal to go, next to where you originally came up through the fabric.  Do not pull the needle and thread through the fabric just yet.



Step Four:

With your needle angled in the direction of the desired petal and pushing part way through the back of the fabric, poke the needle back up through the fabric about a ¼ inch away from the original hole. (The distance from the original hole can vary, depending on how long you want your petal.)



Step Five:

Leave your needle in the fabric, barely poking out of the second hole.  Wrap the tail of your thread under the tip of the needle.



Step Six:

Gently pull the needle through both holes, holding the thread in place.


Step Seven:

Poke your needle down into the fabric, making a small stitch over the top of the thread petal and pull the thread through.

This little stitch will secure your petal in place.

Now just repeat for the desired number of petals you want.

Have fun!


With the lazy daisy you can make all sorts of cute flowers on your embroidery and felt crafts.  Create your own patterns or check some out here!