Tissue-Paper Embroidery Transfer

how to transfer embroidery pattern to felt

Let's get stitching!

One of the easiest ways to embroider a pattern on felt is to sew right on top of a piece of tissue paper with the pattern directly on it.

Step one:

Trace or print your embroidery pattern onto tissue paper. 

Step Two:

Pin the tissue paper in place on the felt right where you want to sew your pattern.

embroidery pattern transfer to felt

Step Three:

Sew right on top of the tissue paper, into the felt, following the pattern.


sewing on felt plush

Step Four:

When your embroidery is finished, gently tear away the tissue paper without pulling up the thread.  To make it easier, you can do this in small sections.  


tissue paper embroidery transfer
sewing on a felt plushy face
cut out felt mouse

This embroidery method is perfect for the details on little felt creations.  You can make all sorts of cute décor and playthings using this method.  Create your own patterns or check some out here!