Embroidery Transfer

Pencil embroidery transfer method

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When you want to sew up an embroidery, you need a way to transfer your pattern onto fabric.  There are many ways to transfer a pattern to fabric.  You’ll find some easy ways below!

Before starting, it’s a good idea to wash, dry, and iron your fabric, but be sure to follow the fabric instructions.  

Window Method:

Tape the embroidery pattern to a well-lit window.  Place your fabric over the pattern and trace the pattern onto your fabric, making sure to keep your fabric securely in place. 


Window Embroidery transfer method

Washable pen or pencil method:

You can use a washable embroidery pen or pencil to trace the pattern onto your fabric.  Each pen or pencil has its own instructions, but generally you trace the pattern onto the fabric, sew the embroidery and wash away the pen marks with cold water.  


Pencil embroidery transfer method

Tissue-Paper Method:

Check here for details on the tissue-paper method. 


Rabbit free pattern doll sewing

Use any of these embroidery methods to make all sorts of cute décor and playthings.  Create your own patterns or check some out here!