Free Needle-Felted Carrot Tutorial

many shades of wool roving felt carrots

Let's get felting!

To make these needle-felted carrots, you will need the following:


felting pad

felting needle

glue gun/glue sticks



wool roving


beautiful felted bunch of multi colored carrots

If you’ve never needle felted before, you can take a look at some basic information on needle felting here.

Step One:

Wrap a small piece of wool roving around a dowel.  I like to wrap mine so it measure about 6 inches long.  I also make sure to overlap the edges as I wrap the wool around the dowel and to wrap the wool a little thicker on one end.  You can imagine that the thicker end is where the stems and leaves of the carrot grow.


bright orange wool roving diy
orange wool felt carrot tutorial

Step Two:

Place the wool-wrapped dowel onto your needle felting pad.  Use your felting needle to carefully poke around the edges of your wool.  Do not poke toward the dowel.  Poke just next to it.  

This will secure the basic shape into place.

rolling a wool felted carrot
felting a carrot on a felting pad

Step Three:

Slide the carrot off of the dowel and poke evenly around the carrot to condense the wool and make a firmer carrot.  

You may also choose to poke little lines into the carrot to make it look more real.  Just poke repeatedly in one line until the wool indents. Repeat this for as many lines as you want on the carrot. 

Be careful not to poke your fingers!

Needle felting tutorial carrot

Step Four:

After getting a firm shape, I like to roll the carrot in between my hands to smooth out the shape.  

At this point, you could needle felt your carrot some more, or add the stems.

hand felting instructions felted carrot

Step Five:

Once you like the look and feel of your carrot, wiggle a hole into the thicker end of the carrot.  This is where you will glue your stems.

Cut many small strips of green felt to represent cut off carrot stems.  

felting carrot Easter decor

Step Six:

Bunch the stems in a group of about 5 or 6 and put a little hot glue on one end of the stems.

Before the glue cools, push the bunched end into the little hole that you created in the thick end of your carrot.  

Hold in place until the glue cools.

Needle felting vegetables
How to needle felt carrot

You did it!  If you’d like to make any little adjustments with your felting needle, now is the time.  

Now you can make a basket full of beautifully needle-felted carrots!

Nice work!

many shades of wool roving felt carrots

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