Free Needle-Felted Acorn Tutorial

handmade needle felted acorn

Let's get felting!

To make this needle-felted acorn, you will need the following:


felting pad

felting needle

glue gun/glue sticks


wool roving

acorn Caps

how to make felted acorns

If you’ve never needle felted before, you can take a look at some basic information on needle felting here.

Step One:

Start with a small piece of wool in any color that you choose.

Tie the wool into a knot in the center.

deep purple wool roving for felting
deep purple wool roving for felting

Step Two:

Take one of the ends that is sticking out and wrap it around the knot.

starting needle felt

Step Three:

Place this piece of tied wool on your felting pad.  Using your felting needle, repeatedly poke the wool that is wrapped around the knot.  This will secure the loose end in place.  Be careful not to poke your fingers!

how to start needle felting

Step Four:

Repeat this process with the other end of wool that is sticking out.

Needle felt this into place by poking all around the wool ball repeatedly in an even manner.  Don’t poke in one area too much.

The more you needle felt, the smaller and denser the ball will be.

rolling up wool roving to felt
beginner how to needle felt
purple felted ball

Step Five:

To smooth everything out, I like to roll the wool ball in my hands like I’m rolling a ball of dough.

Now you have a little ball of wool to go into your acorn cap.

hand made felted acorn fall colors
felted purple wool ball

Step Six:

Try fitting your ball of wool into your acorn caps until you find a cap that is just right.

Then put hot glue on the inside of the cap and push the little ball into place.

how to needle felt acorns

Hooray!  Now you can make a jar full of felted, colorful acorns or hang them on a garland!

Let’s make something else together sometime.  

For more needle felting patterns try here or here.

how to make felted acorns

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