Felt Bird Banner

closeup felt bird garland

Let's get stitching!

To make this little felt bird banner you will need the following:




glue gun


Bird Pattern


Embroidery floss 


Step One:

Download, print, and cut out the little felt birdie pattern.  I chose to do 6 felt birds with contrasting colored wings.   That means I had to also cut out the wings in the pattern and make a set of wings for each bird.  

Bird banner pattern diy
felt bird pattern wings

Step Two:

Following the tissue-paper embroidery method, trace the bird face onto a small piece of tissue paper (one for each bird), line the traced tissue paper up with the top of each felt birdie head and pin the tissue paper to the felt.

Embroider over the tissue paper where the face is drawn.  If you need an embroidery refresher, take a look at the back stitch for the face and satin stitch for the eyes.

When the face is fully embroidered, carefully remove the tissue paper.  

For more details, check out the tissue-paper embroidery method.

Free felt bird bunting cut wings

Step Three:

Cut out felt triangles for your banner.  The triangles I made measure 2 3/4 inches at the base with a 3 3/4 inch height.  The banner I made has 10 felt triangle flags. 

felt material for diy bunting garland

Step Four:

This step is optional.  I added a little branch to each banner flag using a back stitch.  I sewed two lines in brown thread about 1 inch from the tip of the triangle and added little sewn “twigs” coming off of some of the branches.  

felt flag banner sewing

Step Five:

Decide how you want your wing.  You can follow the pattern like in the first picture or you can flip the wings over and have them sticking out a bit like in the second picture.

Hot glue the wings in place by putting a dot of hot glue on the back of the wing and pressing it onto your felt bird body.

felt bird pattern wings
Free felt bird bunting wings

Step Six:

Decide where to place each of your birds on your banner flags.  Try out a few different ways and then hot glue your birds in place.

Put a dot of hot glue on the back of your birds one at a time and press your birds onto your felt banner flags.

felt bird banner sewing diy

Step Seven:

You can add little felt leaves too!  Just cut as many felt leaves as you’d like using the pattern or creating your own leaf shapes.  After cutting the leaves out, I placed them on the banner flags, trying out different placements until I found one I liked.

Keep in mind that you will be sewing a running stitch through the top of each flag.

When you’ve found the best placement for your leaves, put a dot of hot glue on the back of your leaves one at a time and press them onto the banner.

bird and tree felt bunting

Step Eight:

Now sew the banner together.  Using a running stitch or a sewing machine, sew a continuous line across the top of each triangle.   Continue the stitch from one flag to the next without breaking the line of sewing.  Keep sewing until you’ve added all of your banner flags.  Make sure to leave a length of thread at both the start and end of the banner so you can hang the banner up when you’re finished!

closeup felt bird garland

You did it!  Yay!  

I’d love to know what you’re going to do with your little bird banner.  Put it in a nursery or playroom? Use it at a party?  Do tell!


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