Free Needle-Felted Star Wand Tutorial

Super cute smiling star wand felt

Let's get felting!

To make this needle-felted star wand, you will need the following:


felting pad

felting needle

glue gun/glue sticks

sewing needle

star cookie cutter


wool roving



Cute needle felted star with face

If you’ve never needle felted before, you can take a look at some basic information on needle felting here.

One of the best ways to start out needle felting is with a cookie cutter.  This way is great for beginners, kids, and those who want a consistent shape that can be repeated again and again.

Step One:

Take the cookie cutter and place it on a needle felting pad.

Take a look at how to make your own needle felting pad if you don’t already have one.


Diy beginner needle felting with cookie cutter

Step Two:

Fill the cookie cutter with small pieces of layered wool roving and begin poking the wool with your felting needle.

how to needle felt wool with cookie cutter
how to begin felting star decor

Step Three:

Move and poke over the entire piece of wool consistently, try to spread your felting efforts over all of the wool equally.

Once the wool is generally felted down, pull the wool from off of the felting pad and flip it over.  

Put the wool piece back into the cookie cutter and repeat the poking process on the other side.

Be careful not to poke your fingers!

how to needle felt with cookie cutter

Step Four:

Repeat this process as many times as you’d like until you like the look and feel of your star.  Just remember that the more you poke, the denser and more compact your felted star will be.

beginner needle felting with cookie cutters

Step Five:

Once you like the general look and feel of your felted star, take it out of the cookie cutter.  You can firm up the edges and corners of your star by poking along each edge with your felting needle. 

Needle felting with cookie cutter

Step Six:

You can add all sorts of details by using more than one color of wool.  To add a spot of color, just place a small piece of colorful wool on top of the wool shape you just felted and repeatedly poke that piece into place.   

You can sew right on top of the wool.  The eyes and mouth on this star wand are sewn with embroidery floss and a sewing needle.  

Cute needle felted star with face

If you want to turn your cookie-cutter design into a wand, simply wiggle a hole into the end of your needle-felted shape, put hot glue on the end of a small dowel, and press the dowel into the hole.  

You can also add little needle-felted balls to your wand.  Check out the needle-felted acorn tutorial to find out how to make needle-felted balls. 

Make a needle felt star
Super cute smiling star wand felt

Hooray!  Now you can make a set of wands for a kids’ party.

Let’s make something else together sometime.  

For more needle felting patterns try here or here.

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