Free Hedgehog Embroidery Pattern

hedgehog embroidery woodland nursery

Let's get stitching!

To make this embroidered hedgehog you will need the following:


embroidery hoop



embroidery transfer tools


hedgehog embroidery pattern

embroidery floss 


easy free hedgehog sewing pattern

Step One:

Download and print out the free hedgehog embroidery pattern.

Step Two:

Transfer the embroidery pattern onto your fabric using your choice of embroidery transfer methods.

free printable hedgehog pattern

Step Three:

Unscrew the embroidery-hoop fastener and take out the inner hoop.  Place the inner hoop under the fabric where your pattern is drawn.  

Center the pattern and place the outer hoop over the fabric around the inner hoop.  Gently pull on the fabric until it is taut and your pattern is in place. Secure your fabric into place by tightening the fastener.

setting up an embroidery hoop

Step Four:

Decide how many strands of the embroidery floss you will be using and separate them out.  Thread the embroidery floss into the eye of the needle and tie a knot at the end of your thread. Begin stitching with the floss color of your choice.

Hint: In place of a knot, some leave a tail of thread to weave through the first several embroidered stitches.

Step Five:

Poke your needle up through the back of your fabric coming out onto a pattern line.  Follow the line using an embroidery stitch. 

For most embroideries I highly recommend using the backstitch. You can also take a look at other stitches here and here.

how to embroidery woodland animals
free embroidery tutorial for kids

Step Six:

Continue to sew all the way around the pattern lines.  When you are done, make sure to tie off or weave any loose threads. 

learn how to sew easy animals
back of simple embroidery

Way to be!  You finished it and all of the little quills too!

Let’s craft together again sometime soon! 

For more patterns, check out the patterns section. 


hedgehog embroidery woodland nursery

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